full name Football Club Nowhere | 2010
Always at Home Domi Semper | Low Level to Pro Level | An Art
nickname(s) Nowhere Forest FC Maroons | Nowhere Fast | Fast Club
colours |  >badge | black over blue | three-legs logo in red
>home |  maroon | >away | forest | >3rd | sungold | >4th | crowdsource
ground | nowhere now here
capacity all audiences
owner(s) | Football Concierge studio incubator (68.55%)
Carlo E. Palazzo Group shareholders (21.08%)
NwFC bored shareholders (10%)
Pirelli (0.37%)
chairman of the bored Carlo E. Palazzo
manager | Diego Moscosoni
league | inside the computers | streets
2017-18 4th place serie f 
football club + virtual intelligence system

 Facts 1: The club is preparing for the history of football | including the future | within infinite timelines | in the tables of football.

Currently processing | archiving |​​​​​​​ uploading | 9 years of Nowhere FC data to football cloud storage | years of tests hypotheses |​​​​​​​ concepts | designs | development of a football club virtual intelligence system | (FC V.I.S.) | more football | Aubameyang.
football neighborhood

Facts II: Nowhere FC and supporters began in downtown New York Partners | Simonez Wolf the Chef Sez | Maxx Starr | Sean Dorsey Diego Moscosoni | imagine the Football Cafe at home pitch Lions Gate Field |100 Forsyth | Designed by Husband Wife Architects | resident Diane Chang of Eating Popo's.

The pro shop to the pitch and Nowhere Football Club | organic food | drinks | games always on | supporter gear various rare items | merchandising | licensed memorabilias | everything a sweaty man could want | or women children aliens | hospitality of the club.
football concierge art + sport incubator

Facts III: After the club fell on hard times | it was acquired by a group | led by beginner Italian mogul Carlo E. Palazzo | chairman of the board | football guy | host | technology believer | ​​​​​​​His first act was to install Moscosoni as club manager | tasked to organize new talent and business | build a football computer Money Ball Brad Pitt Jonah Hill.  

Football Concierge Diego Moscosoni studio incubator team develops systems for the club | the football | corporate alliances | ​​​​​​​income streams | ​​​​​​​building the worlds next stars | licensing ​​​​​​​meetings.
tourist agency

Facts IV: Fly Nowhere | Tourist Agency | began as a nano gallery | next to Football Cafe  | an agency building corporate alliances for Football Concierge research |  Nowhere FC sponsorship deals | brand this | brand that | art | cash | installations | world medium activations | experientialness | game tours.

Original content currently under construction | with the host of the made up channel | Carlo E Palazzo | diplomat amongst socialites | and friends | for future sounds | tourism | adviceFly Nowhere computer radio. 
lions gate field + nike field at forsyth
Facts V: Origin pitch grounds of Nowhere FC | including Football Concierge | Football Cafe | Fly Nowhere gallery | Nowhere Fast Club + Nowhere Forest teams | Chef Sez Simonez Wolf adidas fanatic league which became global tango league | many local partners.

New York City | Chinatown | Lower East Side | 100 Forsyth
since 2010.

Shared grounds | Lions Gate Field + Nike Field park have been traditional home to several neighboring clubs | including | bowery football club | chinatown soccer club | others.
C.P. Company capture Nowhere FC | Rockwell Harwood | Lions Gate Field + neighborhood 

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